Ok so i wanna kno when two guys are jamming how do you play at different octaves to get a 12 string sound? Can anybody gimmie some advise or point me to a site that will tell me how to do this? Sorry that its kinda of a noob question.
Use a 12 string?

Sorry about that.

Um, get the other guitarist to play an octave higher/use an octave pedal?
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There are a couple things you can do. You can use an octave pedal, or you could just have the other guitarist play an octave higher or lower depending on what you're looking for. I find another good way of getting a nice harmony sound is to play a fifth apart. Hope this helps.
Nashville tuning?
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thx guys.... the octave pedal would be good except were doin this on acoustics. and playing an octave higher... Meaning stick a capo in 12th fret if the other guy is playing in open tuning?
Or play the open chord but 12 frets higher. Sounds pretty cool

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