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Yes, a great bargain!
14 67%
Nah, save up for something better.(please specify)
7 33%
Voters: 21.
Ok im thinking of buying this! Any other suggestions? Get something else instead? Oh BTW its only £15 used! I play classic rock and blues.
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I've heard good things about it, meant to be pretty versatile

EDIT: and for £15 then you can't go wrong
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it's a good price but to be honest, why settle for second best, it's like you wouldn't buy some cheapo product just because it's a good price, i'd rather save up and buy something that was pretty much taylored to my needs.
i agree with 3nemy. you really need somthing thats going to help YOU. not your wallet. if it's want you want and need, than get it. but i dont know what you need, so i cant answer that for you.
If you like it, yes, if not, well, I'd still buy it anyway and then put it on e-bay and make a bit of cash.
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we don't know if it would suit you.
it won't get you even close to Santana tone for example.

I play classic rock and blues.
It's a rather versatile pedal. It probably won't do blues very well (in all the time I've owned mine, I've never really tried 0.o) but it can get good rock sounds. And for £15 it's a bargain, considering I paid double that for mine.
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I play classic rock and blues.

stop looking at distortion then.
look at overdrive pedals.

if you don't know the difference:
Overdrive is often confused with distortion due to a similar "kind" of sound.. but overdrive re-creates the natural warm sound of a vintage tube amp that is being "overdriven" or is breaking up. when a tube amps volume is pushed beyond its capacity, they "break up" and begin to sound crunchy and distorted, the resulting sound is overdrive.

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to hook it up ?
if you'll only use one pedal, you'll need two cables.
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Well, if its only £15, you can sell it for the same price if you don't like it (or give it to a friend )
Save up a little more and look at a Tubescreamer and others. That Boss pedal doesn't sound good for our genres (classic rock/blues.)
because it's not as good

look into these:
-digitech bad monkey (tubescreamer clone on a budget)
-BYOC screamer (just as good if not better than an ibanez TS808, which is considered one of the best tubescreamers)
-maxon OD808/9
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because it's not as good


Of course, personally I'd recommend the Maxon OD808 over any of the Ibanez models, but that's just me... You should try them all out and see which one you prefer
what's 15 euros? something like $25 in US currency? that doesn't sound like a bad deal, even if you don't like it you could probably turn a profit on it sometime.
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I paid £45 new, so yes, go for it.

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