Hi everyone,
I have a problem, I ordered a transformer (100Watts) that converts 220V AC to 110V AC. This is for my Epiphone Valve Jr. Head (5W Tueb amp).

Well, the thing is that this transformer didn't come with a ground connection, so I was thinking If could add it myself.
Here's a quick drawing I made so you can have a better idea about this.

See, I just pretend to make the ground connection get from one end to the other without passing through the transformer. I think this is correct and doable but I wanted to know what do you think about it and of course If you have a better idea, It'll be very welcome.

was it supposed to come with the connection? if so...bitch out the company or person you got it from.
lol .. yes it was supposed to have the ground connection, and yes I did tell the company, but I think I can fix it myself so, whatever.
Any help?