I have been playing guitar for over two years, and i play it alot, but i dont really know a whole lot about how to get certain sounds out of your guitar. I am trying to get the Avenged Sevenfold kind of sound, and i am wanting to know what i need to get it. Right now i have a Epiphone SG, and a Epiphone Tube amp that is not a combo amp. Do i need a combo amp, or certain pedals? If it a amp i need, i really dont need anything more than 15 watts. And can i use a Multi Effects Processor to get that kinda sound?
Everyone that helps me out, i greatly appriciate it.

My amp is a the Epiphone Valve Junior

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well....a tube amp should be find. you just need some sort of distortion and they also down tune their guitars
as for what kind of distortion...maybe a nice multi effects processor would do it.
AS actually use distortion more than overdrive from the sound of their tone. Doens't change much really; just look more into distortion pedals rather than overdrive pedals. 'Course you could get something which is capable of both but pedals which do both tend to be not terribly great at either.
I've heard they have their tone knobs turned down very low on their guitar, and heavily use compression to bring it back up.

I'm not a fan. But that's no reason not to help. XD
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They use Mesa,Bogner and occasionally Krank.The problem is going to be your gain and distortion.Zacky's Rig Synyster's Rig
In the old days they used the distortion from their amps.What amp is your epi?
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