can u tell me a little bit about tokai guitars
i know they make good quality guitars but can u tell me wich ones are good and wich one can compare to gibsons

Tokai were one of the first "copy" guitar companies on the block. But unlike the rest of "copy" companies Tokai make very good instruments, i have played quite a few and they are certainly better than an epiphone and to me they feel like a gibson studio IMO, I might of played a few gems, but i have a friend who works in the same music shop i did my work experience in and he swears by them.

Tokai = pretty darn good!
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^ If the ones you played felt like a Gibson LP Studio, then you played one of the lower end ones! The high end LP's are as good as the Gibby Standards, and even better nowadays.

Tokai = Gibson some years ago
Tokai > Gibson nowadays
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Japanese made tokai (usually £700+ but can be found for a little less) piss all over gibson

korean/chinese made tokai imo must be in a very good factory because they still easily compare to gibson nowadays, and considering they are £400, gibson should be ashamed.

Never played a tokai that didn't feel like it was worth more than it cost, and i've played many
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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm getting a new guitar for christmas and I'm seriously considering a Tokai Silver Strat copy (law suits ftw! )
The reviews look great. I think it will suit me well, but I still want to try one out before buying one all the way from japan... The shipping is over a hundred bucks
Do you know any US (specifically, Washington state) Tokai dealers?

Also, do you think it will be a better (more versatile and better stock pups) than a Fender classic Player's '60s strat or a Fender lite-ash strat? Thank you!