Density. Let me know what you think.

Some parts sound awful through that damn MySpace flash player. I spent so much time creating all the different tones and layered parts and they were all for nothing for those that listen to it via this. Created using Reason 3.0 and Cubase SX.

I know a hell of a lot of you are amazing players, so I just need to establish that this wasn't aimed at all to try and broadcast my speed, technique or technicallity. It's merely something I tried out, I'm 17 and really a novice at all aspects of playing, recording and producing, so there's the result.

Doesnt sound to bad at all. Really reminds me of older porcupine tree, like voyage 34 type stuff. Keep it up
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sounds like something from movie score.. cool man.. i picture it in something like a suicide scene at times.. but thats just me. anyway, i don't really know what else to say.

you know what.. hah, it could also be like kinda baby making music at a little before 4 min

anyway, pretty cool music, i'll probably listen to the others too.. crit mine

Hmm sounds nice. I agree, sounds like something from a movie score. Maybe even a toned down explosions in the sky. It kinda has a sad mysterious something bad is about to/did happen. Nice effects. Good song man, I liked it. I'd probably listen to it if I was in 'that kinda mood' if ya know what i mean

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