Hello guys

I need some help tabbing a short piece of the outro in Give it away Live in Hyde Park.

It starts at 10:04 in the song and runs to 11:25 - It is where Mr. Frusciante plays the funk rhytm. I know it is very easy for you guitarplayers out there to tab, it is a few note. The reason i can't tab it, it's because i am not experinced enough "in tabbing"

Hope someone Frusciante/Red hot fan can help me out.

ps. if the bass can be tabbed out also it would be great.


just that chord, muted and played in a rather funky way
hmm, i am currently out so i will be trying these tabs frusciante_50 in the weekend. Can you figure out the bass too? efthandman9876 i would also like to see your suggestion

thanks both