Has anyone out there heard of this French band? They're absolutely amazing. The guitar player Stephan Forte is probably the most underrated guitarist to walk the face of the earth. Take Marty Friedman's melodic ideas and Rusty Cooley's speed and you have Stephan Forte. The bass player is like a French Billy Sheehan/Steve DiGiorgio. Their keyboardist is by far one of the greatest out there IMO. I don't like their new singer too much, but he's still good.

So pretty much I just hope there's more people out there who have actually heard of this band.
I LOVE Adagio. Last week I was driving with a friend blasting Dominate and we pulled up at a stoplight and this 7 year old girl in a van next to us did the horns. I was amazed and it made my day.
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yea dude this band is pretty tight, and i like the addition of the harsher vocals in their newer stuff, makes it a bit edgier. Also i think the guitar playing was better on Dominate
I absolutely love Adagio, have all their CD's.
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I absolutely love Adagio, have all their CD's.

You my friend, I am VERY envious of. I only have Sanctis Ignis and Underworld, while one of my friends has Dominate. I'm very glad that there are other people out there who have heard of Adagio. SPREAD THE WORD!
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Their MySpace page is myspace.com/adagioofficial

Has anyone heard anything from Stephan Forte's solo project?
The band is freaking amazing, I mean omfg..

I'm having a hard time placing them though.. The Metal Rec thread has them as power metal, their songs are tooooo dark to be power metal I guess.. I don't care what they are, I know I ****ing love them

I want to buy Cd's and I can't find any
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Heh. Between myself and one other of my friends, we have all of the Adagio CD's. I have both Sanctus Ignis and Underworld, while he has Dominate and the live CD. He also has a DVD of Stephan Forte, but I haven't seen it yet, that bastard