I have a Jackson DK2M black w/ hardcase in like new condition. I bought it brand new 2 months ago from Sam Ash, played it about a dozen times. I got a deal on a Les Paul and haven't played the Jackson since. This guitar is in perfect condition, no dings, no scratches. I payed $750, (guitar,case, and taxes). Asking $450. Or will trade for a nice Epi Les Paul.
Jackson DK2M Dinky 3 copy.jpg
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new lower price, would also be interested in trading for a les paul. would add cash if a gibby.
nice guitars, but I really prefer the les paul, thanks anyway.
I have an 02 Epi LP with upgraded pups, PAF Pro and a Super Distortion. I can post pics if you want to trade.
No thank you, it's a very nice looking guitar though.
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