I'm looking to buy recording gear. I have never had any real recording stuff besides crappy computers recorders. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what kind of recording system to get for $600 to $700. It has to come with some good mics to record drums with also. Thanks
If you want good drums for a good price, get the presonus firepod and the Shure Drum Mic Kit, which comes with 3 SM-57's and the Beta 52 kick drum. I'd recommend spending at least $1000 to start and get a decent beginner condenser mic like the AKG Perception 200.
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lets put it this way im starting my own studio aswell... ive already spent a grand and i dont even have my audio interface, that was on a drum mic set, stands and leads and a mixer (which cost me 240 bucks when it shoulda cost me a grand, i got lucky) my audio interface and speakers and are gonna set me back 800 a peice and i intend to buy another interface and a lot more mics... if you wanna do drums.. get a bigger budget... if you dont then you can keep it low to like a cheapish interface, a large diaphragm condensor mic and a sm57.