so everybody wants to play gigs and and it's a lot of what people talk about, but when was it that you actually got to start really playing for people. Lots of places don't take bands of kids like 15 and 16 very seriously.

I guess what i want to know is when was your first gig and how long had you been playing prior to that.
Yeah i know what you mean. I find it really hard to get my band gigs without really good quality demos.

Which we don't have the money to make.

Most pubs don't let you play cause your under 18.
well I have my first gig in less than 2 months, and I play guitar for about 9 months now. we've just put a band together, so will have to practice alot to make it happen:P
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my band and all of the local bands(no matter what age) all do shows and contests at the school. that way people of all ages (and who want to) can come .it works pretty well, in fact on october26th, 4 of our local bands are doing a show, it's going to be kiack ass!!!
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I was 14 when I played my first gig. Mainly covers of Metallica and Iron Maiden. We opened the first edition of a local festival.
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My first proper gig's in about 2 weeks and we've got about 1 song written :P
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My first proper gig's in about 2 weeks and we've got about 1 song written :P

which is very stupid if you ever want to get anywhere. me and my band, from the very beginning, made sure we were as tight as possible before each gig, and we're playing a middle-sized festival next year, after being together for 4 years. our drummer is 12, singer 14 and i'm 18. so as long as you're good, people won't give a damn about your age, it'll be even more of a WOW-factor if you're better than the older bands.
^ damn, your band is young . It does, indeed, add to the wow factor though.

I did my first live performance a few months ago, I'd been playing for years but never really interested in it til recently. I've had three since then and I'm trying to line more up but I'm pretty busy now- just make sure you're comfortable with your voice and your music before you try to go on stage.

Coffeeshops seem not to care about age since, unlike bars/pubs, there's no illegal age limit. You could try that, but of course it depends on the sound of your band. They typically don't want any screamers