title says it all.
was going to install...decided on a pro series bc rich pup..i just prefered the crunch.
looking for £30 shipped to UK, installed it, long enough wire to install in most guitars and loads of play
its all black with black rails.

pm'd back, so this could be a transaction yay..reserved for this guy, if falls thru after saturday back up 2 u lot
i'll give you $60 american shipped
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like i said..i feel like a dumass... oh!!! man you are refering to your abreviated name wow..i really feel stupid *blushes* god... sorry USHO.

man i feel like a **** now...
lol i knew someone would say that :P well that would work out the price, but shipping to USA is abnormally priced..
well dude didnt get back to me yesterday...so up for sale still
£30 shipped to UK or trade if u want something gone