well im just your ordinary player, not over the top but i dont suck entirely. ive been playing for almost a year, and i learn fast. right now im just stuck, wanting to learn some new things.. but most of the stuff i think of is either too easy or too hard.

i want to learn some things from metal, from bands like Lamb Of God and C.O.B, but i dont know where to start. Ive been trying to learn 11th Hour (i can't get the breakdown but that's it), Omerta (actually i have that one down perfectly its pretty easy), and Redneck (once again, the breakdown).. but i don't know where to go from there.. especially in terms of Bodom.. i listen to them now and then but id love to be able to play it!
so the question is, what are some easy Bodom songs?, and some harder Lamb Of God songs (but not too hard)?
keep in mind that i would like it to be a Bodom song with a relatively easy solo if there is one, and you are open to suggest another band that i should check out.

im just a new guy trying to look into some new stuff.