I need to replace the pots in my guitar. I know which ones and have them my only problem is the wires. I would like to replace the volume and tone pot wires and do not know what type they are. I have a custome SG if that helps, and does anyone know where I might be able to go in and purchase them. I go the pots for Guitar Center but they don't sell the wire.

Thanks for your help
i think you can use w/e kind you want, as long as its insulated and all that stuff.

but in all fairness in not sure im the most reputable source
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Anything that's around 20-24 gauge, stranded, and insulated. To be honest, it doesn't really matter. You'd be able to keep the stock wire if you want.
thanks... would radio shack be a good place to get it from? And in case I need it does anyone know where to get a wiring diagram?
Radio shack for wires, seymourduncan.com for a diagram. The wire doesn't really matter, so long as it's not too thick to manage. Like they said though, you should just be able to save the stock wires.
Thanks.... the wires are old. Look bad. Thats why I want to replace them. Thanks everyone for your input.