Hi. I'm a 16 year old Singer/ Songwriter looking to start a band in the Dundee/ North East Fife area. The Genre is Celtic Rock. I need a Drummer, a Bassist, a Guitarist (Even though I can play the guitar. I'm not very good) and a violinist (Perhaps even a fiddle player who's very experienced). I may already have a keyboardist, but it depends on if she says yes or no. It helps if all are experienced and serious about making music. It also helps if you can sing, too. I can also play the Irish Penny whistle, I'm looking for band members from the ages of 16-19. For an idea as to what kind of music I'm hoping to make, listen to Nightwish's' "Last of The Wilds" on their album "Dark Passion Play", only with singing and without the bagpipes. I'm not hoping to be that good straight away, but I hope to become that good and write inspirational songs and music to go with it.
That's in the Dundee/ North-East Fife area of Scotland, remember.
You can contact me on myspace if you're interested.
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