heyy, im looking for a really simple country song that i can learn on guitar, one that i can also sing with, so only a few chords, but nice and simple. thanks in advance!
Yeah, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson are good ones. Check out Seven Spanish Angels, that's a great one for acoustic with the spanish-esque guitar solo in the beginning.
much too young (to feel this damn old) - garth brooks

it's only 3 or 4 chords
Hey A_J,
I submitted my first Guitar Pro (5) tab up tonite, "Crazy". It should be up shortly, they say up to 48 hours. I'll also put it up in Power Tab and text tab.
Sounded pretty good to me, it has the lyrics too, and you can readt them, and they're in the right place. I didn't make it up I transcribed it from an Easy Guitar SongBook. It is pretty easy!
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Toby Keith: Running Block
Keith Urban: I Told You So
Jake Owen: Startin With Me
Gentry Montgomery: Lucky Man
Keith urban: stupid boy

it really doesnt matter.. pick a country song man.. once you know 5 chords you can do any country song ... ok maybe 13-14 to them all but most are really only 5 chords... G D A C E .. thats 80% of all country right there lol