The name of the song is Midnight Sunset, it's on my profile.
If you could tell me ways I could improve it or just rate it it'd be much appreciated

Thank you =]
wow... I can't really find anything I don't like about that, it's pretty good...

I don't really expect a crit from ya since I didn't really help much, but if ya want check out Shallow Grave, it's on my profile
Dude. Very good. I liked this a lot. Very chill and...beachy? With a little spanishy in there? Good progression...that's what I'm getting at.

I don't know if I like the distorted tone at the beginning though...I might would cut that part out and just go straight to the clean stuff...but that's just me.

Overall though, very nice. It sounded like you made a few little mistakes, but that's no biggie. Just keep practicing and it'll be hot. The ladies will flock, and it'll be awesome.

Check out mine if you like (in my sig...the acoustic one).
Thanks for the comments ^^

I like your song The4thHorsemen, the intro is cool, sounds like a cross between Pantera's Floods and Enter Sandman by Metallica... the only thing is I think you should put some distorted parts in it because the song has that kind of mood to it =]

I also listened to your song bradman, I love it, it sounds very similiar to John Butler Trio =D