ello people i was woundering the thickest pick you have used that you remember or a decently thick pick because i use 14 guage electric guitar strings and it helps me if i use a thick pick but the ones i have now fall apart to easily so if anybody could help that would be awsome
jazz 3's, big stubbies. any 3mm pick should do you. or try a metal pick
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i love using wedgeez. theyre thick about 1.5-5.0mm but theyre made out of a type of rubber. it sounds really great.
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Dunlop sells Gator Grips which are pretty much thick enough that they don't bend at all. I dig.

I second that motion, i love those picks with a passion
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I use 2mm big stubbies(they come in 3mm types too). Helped my alternate picking alot actually cause they don't bend at all. When i try using a 1mm pick or something, by the time i'm moving my hand back up the pick hasn't crossed the string all the way yet.

And yeah 14s? Damn, what are you tuned to drop A or some crazy **** like that?
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anyways 3mm stubby's are standard for a guitarists thick pick needs.

Personally i don't go past 1.5.. that gets me the firmness of the 3mm without the nasty feeling of holding an elephant inbetween your fingers.
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for 14s?!?! try using a brick

but yeah, about 3mm would be alright for that
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