Hey I'm trying to improve my speed and knowledge of how solos are built so I can write better lead guitar parts.

So are there any good songs to analyse that can help me break down the solo, work out how its built (ie techniques, scales, arpeggios etc) and then work out my own "alternate" solos?

I really think this would be good practice for me but I need some pointers.

And I'm into pretty much every kind of music so I'm willing to study any songs.

lots of neo-classical stuff, check out Yngwie Malmsteen, and Symphony X
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try serrana arpeggios by that quadropledgic guy... I always forget his name... He had the neurological problem?

hang on...
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anything by malmsteen can be broken down into single apreggios or licks but other then that i dont think there anything worth doing if you want rocking arpeggios dont forget about the slower riff tho like the stairway to heaven solo just because you can play fast doesnt mean you can play good
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