Ok, I am looking for a new pair of headphones which I will be using for recording guitar/drums/keyboard, as well as mixing tracks, and for band practice. Isolation is a big factor also, since they may be used for some drumming as well.

1st-Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones
2nd- AKG K 271 Studio headphones

my price range is $0-250, and I am looking for opinions and suggestions for these and if anyone has suggestions for other good models in that price range. I want very high balanced sound quality, good isolation, ect, if anyone could help me decide and give pros/cons, suggestions, ect. thanks
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Bose or maybe Skull Candy. They are a bit cheaper, but are very, very good. Maybe get some SkullCrushers. I like em. Bose headphones are great, best for how much they cost (over $150 or maybe $200). Definately get some Noise Cancelling headphones.
Well I have the AKG K240 and they are FANTASTIC headphones, so I'd go with the AKG.
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i use Shure e3c's. AMAZING headphones. you can hear everything, and they block out all out side noise, alot like ear plugs.
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