I've been playing guitar at a friend's house and I'm starting to really get into it enough to justify buying my own guitar. What I'm looking for is something with a fixed bridge (my friend has problems with his floating bridge when downtuning) and stays in tune fairly well. I'm probably going to mainly be playing Alt. Rock and Metal. My price range is around $300, but I may be willing to go up to $400.

Thanks guys!
an epi les paul or g-400....and just Ill just ask you this before anyone else, what amp do you have?
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i would recomend either an epiphone les paul special II, an epiphone les paul standard, or if you're looking for a slimmer neck a fender standard strat, or a squire strat are good beginer guitars.
do you have an amplifier ready and everything? otherwise an electric guitar won't do much good, I find it's not as fun to play unplugged and i get sick of it after a while
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1. Fender Standard Strat (about 420 dollars)
2. Epiphone Les Paul Standard (about 400 dollars)


1. Roland Cube 30 (go for a Roland Cube cheaper than this if you want to pay less and have less wattage, Cube 30 about 230 dollars)
2. Vox AD30VT (go for the AD15VT if you want to spend less, AD30VT about 250 dollars)

Thought I might have wanted to throw in some amps too, you know, in case you were looking for some.

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A good example of a metal guitar you might consider is the Ibanez RG321MH on the ZZSounds website. Wait for it to be approved by other metal-heads, as I don't play metal.
^That Roland Cube would be a good starter metal amp.
What amp do you have?

I'd suggest staying away from both Epiphones and Squiers; there are better guitars in this price range than what they offer.

The Schecter Omen 6, Dean Evo Noir, and the Hagstrom F-200 are both great guitars for the price. I'm particularly fond of the Hagstrom; it is very well built with a resonant body, good electronics, pickups, and a comfortable neck.
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^That Hagstrom is sweet. I haven't played a Hagstrom since the 70's. Played a Swede, its neck was perfect for me (fast, thin and accurate.) That would be my first pick.