uh. I hate power metal. It should be called power epic.

anyway. As far as power metal this is bearable until the random clean stuff, then it gets too slow. It's also very, very, very repetitive. The sound are very epic at all times.

I really don't like power metal, but i did my best. The only way to make it better for a non power metal fan is to not make it power metal. I hope you understand.

C4C right?
I agree that it's very repetitive, but there are still a lot of good parts here. I especially liked the little riffy that starts around 42, but it felt a little drawn out to me. I would suggest using different endings on the stuff like measure 68 to make it sound less repetitive. You know, play that part once then switch it up a little bit the second time, then repeating the whole section over. Even something simple like changing the last note which is on the 5th fret to the 1st fret. But yeah, other than some repetitiveness, I think it's great.
Oh and I loved the clean section.
Wow this was sweet xD

Reminded me alot of Sonata Arctica, which is a good thing in my opinion. Great riffs, enjoyable listen. Very melodic which always makes me happy. The acoustic bit was great, and the riff that the acoustic came out of was awesome too...

Only thing I can say you should change would be to add strings. Strings add another dimension to music and they would do amazing wonders to this song. Also I would use strings in most music you write, just makes it more melodic and spacey...

Great job here, 10/10

Plz crit one of mine in sig? (Epic Melodic Metal is newest, you'll see what i mean by strings..)