ok so heres the deal . im 30 yrs ancient (hehehe) but im relatively new to playing guitar , about 2 years in . I tend to concentrate mainly on rythum (sp?) guitar because i like to sing as well . recently ive begun to get bored with playing because it seems like most songs that im interested in playing are all very similar (classic/southern rock , some new stuff . i was wondering if anyone else ever had the same problem and if so howd you power through it? My poor accoustic (the only guitar i currently own ) is gettin lonely , and i dont want it to stay that way . any ideas will be greatly appreciated . peace and go Sox .
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When begin to loose interest in playing, I watch my favorite bands play and then I'm like "oh, yeah; thats why I play!"
try changing things up from your normal routine. Maybe throw in a few lead parts here and there, or just try playing a few different genres, possibly some you don't even like...you'll learn a lot and respect your own type of music a lot more.
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Well try some different genres, that's the best way to go if you're rutted.
Listen to some John Frusciante solo works, that's what go me into the acoustic guitar as there's a good range of different playing to choose from.
If you enjoy singing and playing but want something more complex, try a guy called Damien Rice, not sure if you'll like him but he's pretty awesome.
Also, try some Allman Brothers, may suit you better.