i need to know the names of these two key signitures:

1st: e flat, d flat, b flat, and a flat

2nd: e sharp and c sharp

thanks for ur help!
what? those ARE the names of the key signatures... (unless i misunderstood you... and thats more than 1 ks if im not mistaken? the post is a little confusing)
Four flats, the order of flats is B E A D
so you go anti-clockwise around the Co5 4 steps
C F Bb Eb Ab
Ab is your key

Are you absolutely sure its E# and not F#
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Even if it's not what you're looking for: if you mean those as notes, all six of them are in the C# Pentatonic Major and the A# Pentatonic Minor scales...
the first is Ab major, for sure.

i dont think there is a common key signature with only sharp E and C

but i am not the best for this question.
C# has all the notes sharpened if that helps

edit - ^^^^ damn you guys are quick!!! i went off to look at the Cof 5ths!!
oh, i get it... you were naming the accidentals. i hope you mean f# and c# for the second one. in any case, that you result in: 1 = Ab, 2 = D.
yea, I misread it, meant f# instead of E# for 2nd one...

anyways, thanx for the fast replys!