i need a new amp for classic rock and punk rock for under $600, i was think blues deluxe or hot rod deluxe, any other suggestions?
What you'll hear around here often now is people advising the peavey classic series of amps. I personally play a peavey delta blues 115 which is an amazing amp and the 15" speaker really gives it some extra voice, nice bass response from it.
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i was also thinking the peavey classic, haven't tried the delta blues out yet though

Its the exact same amp basically, the delta blues is a 30w combo amp, and like i said try the 210 and the 115 if you have a chance, i really like the 15 inch speaker. It gets some nice overdrive, but if you want a nice hard metal tone you might have a bit of a problem getting it with just the amp. Which is where a ds-1 or something like that comes in handy.
Make your own decision based off what sounds good to you... punk.
Peavey Classic, Delta Blues, Valveking. I've played them all and like them all. That Delta Blues with the 15" speaker is my favorite for just blues, 15" speakers are amazing. Super punch and surprisingly good high frequency response. For blues and classic rock the other two. I chose the Vk because it was cheaper, but more importantly had a little more modern distortion, which is the way I tend to interpret classic rock pieces.
what do you guys think of the carvin nomad?
it sounds like it'd be great for me, but i can't really try one out so i'm not really sure, but i tried the peavey classic today and i really didn't like it, i guess i'm just not a fan of peavey amps