after spending countless hours on ebay trying to find an affordable marshall or mesa 2x12 tube combo, i gave up and looked for other brands. i had always heard good things about peavey, so i decided to check out the 5150 combo. they havent made it in like 6 years apparantly, but all the reviews are amazing. i know its not a clean amp, but i play in a hardcore band, so i really wont be needing fendery type cleans.

anyone have any experiences with this amp, or the 5150 stack that can give me some positives or negatives about it?
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I want an amp good for playing hippie tunes. I want it to be an actual amp, not a tube amp.
pretty much 5150 is the standard for metal
bullet for my valentine uses it with a tubescreamer
6505+ is the newer version
its like
teh perfect for meatsteak distortion
i played it at my local music shop
I own the combo. It's a good amp for sure, but is no longer what I want in an amp.If you want better cleans, I suggest retubing it with a set of JJ Hi-Gains, does wonders to the clean channel. Either that or use a chorus pedal or the like on the channel.

The distortion channel sounds a bit too harsh for my liking now, but it does get a very nice crunch sound. It's a pretty middy amp, but I like my mids, so that's not a problem. If gain is what you want, this amp has PLENTY.
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