I'm in grade ten and I have a science project due in a couple of months and I'm not sure what I'm gonna do

But my teacher was saying how unlike in Junior high he doesn't want us to find random projects off google and copy them
and he said to do something you're interested in

So guitar came to mind
Unfortunately I don't know a whole lot about the techincal stuff of guitars
although I'm willing to read up about it

So does anyone have an idea for a guitar related science project?

heres the guidelines the teacher gave us


a). Innvoation: This may involve the development of an innovative device or model perhaps related to the fields of technology, engineering or computers. This may be either of the following

(i) student design or
(ii) a demonstration of a previously collected data


(b).Study: This may include a presentation or display of information. It is a collection and analysis of data to reveal evidence of a fact or a situation of scientific interest. This may include either of the following:

(i) student collected data or
(ii) previously collected data

If you have an idea try to go into details and leave a link or two on it
Thank you so ****ing much.
You could do something with frequencies and wavelengths. Shorter wavelength (higher fret) = Higher frequency (high pitch)
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A non experimental science project?


I guess for INNOVATION, you could list big developments in guitar technology, how it affected the instrument's popularity, how it was used and who made it popular.

Countoured bodies
Whammy bar abuse

etc etc.

I really don't know, but I do wish I could do a science project on guitar!
Build an Ebow.
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what is an Ebow?

A projectile weapon with only one string, tuned to an E.
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it's an Electronic Bow.

It's this...thing, which you hold above the strings, and it creates a magnetic field around them, causing them to ring out infinitely.

Sounds a bit like a cello.
How about, doing it on the science behind a guitar :O Shock... Talk about, harmonics, wavelengths, freqencys, about how certain effects affect a signal?
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Know your theory, then play like you don't.

I would go back further than all this stuff.

Steel strings.

Talk about how they changed the guitar's sound first, then you could talk about how they changed the guitar structurally, and enabled the use of electronic pickups.
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A projectile weapon with only one string, tuned to an E.

That would have been my first guess.
Hack together a active preamp, and stick it onto your guitar.
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So, rather than finding random science projects from Google and copying them, you are finding random science projects on UG and copying them?

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