I was thinking, and this Christmas might be the time for yet another rig overhaul. I'm selling my Ibanez S, which I should get ~$400 for. Then from my parents for Christmas they'd probably throw down $600 as the only gift to me.

Plus i'm getting a job, so factor in another $500.

So i'll probably end up with $1500 or so.

I was thinking about my options, and I could either blow the whole $1500 for a guitar, or $1k for a JSX and sell my Peavey XXX for $500 and buy a $1000 guitar.

What do you guys think? Stay with the XXX and go for a super beastly guitar, or do some selling/buying and get a JSX with a $750-1k guitar?
Do you gig often? Are you dissatisfied with your current tone? If you're selling your S470, you're gonna be stuck with your GSA60 then...

I personally would go for a new guitar (yay!) unless you aren't happy with your amp.
I do like my amp, it's just hard to find that sweet spot in tone, and the cleans aren't that special.

I cant wait to get rid of my S, I prefer my GSA even though the S sounds a lot better through my amp.

And I don't gig, dont really plan to, I just like playing guitar so i'm probably going to be in my room or in small settings jamming.
Hmmmm......Id sell ur S if u dont like it. And get a new amp, maybe a JSX. I cant think of any other good combos that arent 100w or close to it. So id get a JSX and maybe get a good guitar for cleans, like an HSS Strat and change the Humbucker. Or an RG with an HSS setup.
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Hey man. I can tell that you are obviously a huge satch fan. As am I! I have tried the JSX and found that the perfect "tone" is hard to get. I went with a Carvin V3 and it did me wonders. I can nail songs like Surfing with the Alien, Super Colossal, Flying in a Blue Dream, Searching, The Extremist, and many many more. As for the guitar thing...

I went with a JS1000. I know a lot of people think that signature series guitars are only for rich fanboys who want to look cool. But i got a great deal on my guitar. I spent $900 for it and the case. I also got the whammy bar and the instructions with. I have a pic on my profile of it, and i love it. It does everything i need. It was barely used when i got it.

If you want a different opinion on another guitar, just ask. This guy also has some money and i told him all i know about my V3. See if it helps you.

The JS series is appealing, but I want a somewhat big guitar, considering im a big guy. I find my S to feel like a play toy in my hands.

I should be good with my current amp, so i'd probably be looking at guitars for around $1k-1,250.

I was thinking maybe a custom Carvin, an American fat Strat, or a Jackson SL3.
mmmm giggidy. Carvin makes incredible instruments. You defiantly owe it to yourself to check them out. My dad has one and he loves it.