i have a nashville telecaster that i want to put mini toggles in for each pup in leu of a pickup selector (think brian may). i have a noiseless fender tele neck pup, a SD Jb. Jr middle pup, and a GFS lil puncher 15k lead bridge pup, and a GFS SRV circuit exciter preamp OD unit. i have a series/split/parallel and an in-phase/off/out-of-phase for my middle pup already, and i have an on-off-on switch for the bridge so i can do series/off/split, and a standard spst on/on switch for my neck pup. i have it wired as follows, and it doesnt work at all-

for the neck- yellow from neck to spst, then to wire leading off of it to wire from volume lug,and black to spst, then wire from tht to ground.

middle- connected to both dpdt's fine,

bridge- red and white to middle left on dpdt switch, green on bottom right lug leading to wire from volume pot lug, black and bare leading to ground, and bottom left lug on dpdt toggle leading to bround

it makes no sound when i plug it in, and i dont know what i did wrong. everything seems right, but please help i really want this mod so any help is appreciated