i've recently started out a band and have decided we are just going to start out doing covers of songs to get used to playing as a band and it turns out most of the tunes we are going to be playing are stone roses songs.

so i was wandering if anybody could point me in the right direction to getting someting similair to there sound. i have a vox ad50vt and a ts-9 tube screamer and a cs-9 chorus pedal. Also i was thinking of buying an alesis midiverb 4, does anybody have any reviews on this after using one maybe??

thanks in advance greatly appreciated
Use the AC30 model with the gain up high, then absolutely drench everything in reverb and stick a bit of delay in there.
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cool cheers. Any suggestions for some of the weird noises like in begging you and the trippy stuff in fools gold? the closest i could get was a bit of wah with a truck load of flange??