I'm trying to find out how i record fills. Unfortunatly i don't have a boom box or anything that can record so i wanted to ask if there's any software or something that i could record some fills on. any advice would really help.
you can download AUDACITY. it's free. and with a $2, 1/8" adapter, you can plug into ur computer and record.

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Audacity works quite well. I just got out my 1/4" - 1/8" adapter yesterday and plugged into my computer since my amp has a Recording Jack. I was really surprised with how it sounded, it's very good for recording like that, especially with a free program.

Also you could try ACID, I've used that plenty of times before too, no complaints.

A note about Audacity though, if you record something and want to save it as an MP3, you'll have to have a little free add-on that they offer on the Audacity website, I think it's called lamenc.dll or something. Anyway, get that and you'll be able to export as MP3 once you locate that file on your computer.
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I use Audacity and haven't had any problems with it. Great program considering its free.
ACID Sony Music Studio is great. Sure, it's $70, but it works great because it lets you mess aroundwith all sorts of stuff. You can open any music and video files on your computer and edit the sound, you can change so many different effects, distortion, and volume controls. It has great sound quality and is a lot of fun to use. It takes practice to get good at recording though. The good part about ACID is that it plays all previously recorded files in your current project while you are recording, so you can just listen for when to play.
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