So my computer has a virus, I have no idea whatsoever about its name, but i do know that at random times it will cause the clicker to just randomly dart around the screen and open up/close random programs without any similiar pattern, it acts like this for about 30 seconds, then is good again for a little while, then it happens again.

I've run multiple virus scans and it doesn't say anythings infected, so i'm lost. If anyone has/has had this or knows what it is, or especially knows how to fix it, that would be appreciated.

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Punch it and make sure it's completely broken before handling it again in case the virus jumps out and attacks you.

It can happen.
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reinstall windows
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thats actually not a virus. its some random act of some thinger in that big tower-like thing.
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it might be your mouse
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That sounds like what used to happen when you played with remote access thingys and let someone else into your computer.

Make sure your firewall's working.
yeah that doesn't sound good. i dont think a virus would do that so someone probably has control of your computer. either that or you have a ghost.

reinstall windows.
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Try going into the start menu > Run... type "services.msc"

Disable the "remote desktop help session manager" just to test something.
Only one way to fix it.

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