I just found out that I have a hernia. Anyone know if the surgery/recovery time will be painful?
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I also have a hernia.

If it's Inguinal, like mine, it's just a keyhole surgery, which is a simple affair and on average takes 1-2 weeks to fully recover from. But you may want to avoid lifting anything substantial during recovery.

It's a common thing, it's not really much of a deal. So you don't have much to worry about.
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It's not too much of a big deal. The recovery isn't too bad, it's kinda painful for the first day or two, and you'll have some trouble walking, but it only takes a few weeks to recover. And, you get painkillers. Good luck with it.
yeah just a couple weeks recovery, my dad has had like three from his work haha... but from what he said it really sucks
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