I just wrote this little thing in about in hour and a half, and I ****ing love it. Problem is, I don't really know where to go from here. If someone could help me out with this, that would be great. I'll add onto it as time goes on. Tips, comments, and crits are greatly appreciated. C4C.

Update in next post!
A Sweet Tune.zip
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Dude yeah....this is really good. Not really anything wrong with it.

As for where to go....I don't know..I would probably just take that acoustic riff at the end and transition it into some kind of electric riff. I think that would sound sweet. I would have the electrics fade in, like you did with the lead part...then just make it epic.

So yeah...very nice so far. Hopefully my extremely vague suggestions will help you.
Yet another amazing piece ^^

It was just plain awesome, I mean, it needs that little something right where you ended to be epic. The acoustic part was really good, and when the disto came in to play the solo, wow ^^.

After the solo, try to restart the riff from riff 18-25, it sounded so good, and I tried it myself to put it afterwards, worked well. Then right after you should try to get the drums in and then continue the song and make it epic because that's where it's going, the epicness^^

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Thanks a bunch guys, I'll probrably work on it some more tommorrow.
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Dude, really good.

The atmosphere you created with the choir is amazing, dude. Plus the [atmosphere] effect is really good, it's really tonal. The square mixed with the acoustic guitar, always a favorite.

The drums came and it started slowly transitioning into rock. This is a killer track, you need to write more so I can hear it!

The end guitar solo was good except for the last bar, it just seemed really fast for no reason, kind of contrasted the whole song, but other than that, a GREAT start.

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4/4 is just so boring. <_<
Added another section. It's going to go into this great acoustic break with harps, pianos, acoustic guitars and ****. I already started on one part of it, but there's going to be more fast stuff I'm going to put in before the break.
A Sweet Tune.zip
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Just one problem. Finish it! Seriously, this was really good. I loved everything you have so far. To add on, I would probably go to a little classical acoustic with drums and keys, and then I don't know.

Can't wait to hear the finished product.
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Well its super special awesome, I was listening to the 1st one and thought hmm I'd probably add some heavy rythym guitars at the end there, then I scrolled down and clicked on your second attached file and its just sweet... way to go.
Epic. I love the way it goes into the fast, heavy part after the acoustic intro, as well as how atmospheric and big the whole thing feels. I can't wait to see this get finished, it's going to be a masterpiece. 9/10.

If you want to crit mine, it's in my sig, but it's cool if you don't. Keep up the good work, you're a damn good songwriter.
TS this is pretty damn good. Like your use of dark chords and such and this is really epic and has a lot of atmosphere. I can see why you like it. Where to go from there? the answer i think, is a ridiculously heavy riff in drop C tuning(which your in) something very metal, very heavy, maybe something very fast also. make it evil sounding also. Since it's so epic it's like building up to something so putting a heavy riff in will make the heavy riff sound twice as heavy because of the context. It would be nuts. anyway, good job on this 9/10

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yeah, thanks for commenting again, you right its not finished but i wanted to put it online so i joint up the dots and put it on, i'll let u know when i finish it.

Rite, your so. I really like the guitar work the strings, but the sawtooth sound sorta threw me off abit. The druming couldnt have been more appropriate. it did end quite suddenly. its got some sweet ideas, but i think you should build it up slower.


nice work man
lol it sounds quite a bit like the theme tune to an old english gameshow called treasure hunt at the start
but yeah good stuff like it, who ya gunna get to play the harp?
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lol it sounds quite a bit like the theme tune to an old english gameshow called treasure hunt at the start
but yeah good stuff like it, who ya gunna get to play the harp?

Meh, it's just a synth.

I'm surpirised that people are criting all these old songs when I have a brand new one that's hardly getting any rits. If ya'll want to check it out, it's the last one in my sig.
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