what are pots? and their relationship to pickups? also do people ever mix pickups?
(like one seymour and one dimarzio or do you always match up same brand?
Pots, all I can think of are the volume and tone knobs. The volume controls the amount of signal to your amp. Tone just makes it brighter, I usually leave it on the max unless I'm playing jazz. And yes, lots of people like to mix pups, like some people say go with EMGs in the bridge or something like that, I have not changed my pups yet.
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i kinda figured that about the pots but wasnt sure. i see alot of people switching pickups and say they have to switch pots also. whats deal with that? also is changing pickups as easy as pulling one out and replacing or you gotta do some more stuff? anyone got any pics with different pickups installed? (never saw any or i just havent paid attention)
you won't be able to tell usually unless it has "seymour duncan written on it" (dimarzio's don't have anything written on them, but they have hex's sometimes, and i don't think any seymour duncan's have them), , pickups require soldering, you don't always have to replace pots, 500k and 250k are standard, 1meg pots are too trebly in my opinion (although with some pickups they're better i think), but 1 meg pots are the way to go if you want everything going full tone and all, they bleed off the least treble and all (as far as i know, i'm not an expert on wiring)
Most single coils use 250k pots.

Most humbuckers use 500k pots.

Active pickups like EMGs come with 25k pots.

Pickup replacement usually just requires some soldering.
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