I am a noobie to this site, but I was hoping someone could shed some light for me. I bought this acoustic guitar, Hondo model H180B (I believe) from a yard sale for $20. I cannot find any info on it online. It looks like a custom design, black with yellow trim, mother of pearl inlays on the fretboard, some flowers painter on the pickguard. Pics will follow shortly...Any help would be greatly appreciated.

--Big Coop
Anything about the Hondo brand as well as something about this particular model, as there was nothing i could find online

--Big Coop
Yeah I read that little blurb thanks. Anyone know anything about sound quality or about this model in general? I found an article saying that the H180 was actually a 12 string but mine is only six...someone help!!!

--Big Coop
I think it's pretty common to produce both 6 and 12-string guitars of the same model.
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