I need a good mike and/or mic amp that will make a scream sound AMAXING. Suggestions? Oh and i dont play real heavy stuff just metalcore and stuff like that. ANd i realize that a mic cant transform my scream into a perfect scream, i just want to find some reliable mics
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to start, you do realize that microphone is abbreviated mic right? Second, if your scream sounds crappy without a mic, it will be the same scream coming out the mic, so no mic is going to make anything sound 'better.' The whole purpose is to faithfully reproduce the sounds that go into it. So no mic will make your scream amazing if it isnt amazing unplugged. But if its good, than any mic will work, as long as you buy one that says vocal.
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As "mike amp"0, do you mean a P.A.? as for mic, a sm57 or sm58 should be pretty good. And for a P.A., just find what ever you can.
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