yea man i def like the songs, i mean im not music expert obviously, lol..but some sweet riffs...and a cool vibe to em....u singer or lead?..and how long u been playin?
Thanks bro' , thanks we pride ourselves in the "big riff" type of rock music. I mean the lead , been playing for about 3 years!
Commented on and rated 2 so far on youtube. Be back at the pc in a bit and I'll check the rest out.
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Alright thanks man! I'm the lead guitar , thanks for the crits! Can't wait to see what you say about the others!
Thanks! Those are my favs too , hopefully we'll get better quality of the other songs up in awhile. Means a lot to get feedback!! Once again thanks for all the comments!
Train of Thought riff is half of the Black Dog riff by Zep...

Not too bad overall though...
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you the singer? you act alot like slash on stage, looks cool

I'm the lead guitarist lol , singer is rhythm. Thanks for the feedback!