well yeah basicaly ive got the intros to both down. and wellim a little stuck on both mainly run to the hills. but then i have the solos to worrie about ive been playing about a year now what would you recomend to learn?
my gear:
jackson dk2m
ibanez grg170dx.
peavey vyper 15
warwick corvette 5 string
ashdown 5 15
paranoid is MUCH easyer yes

you could even go for the solo if u know ur pentatonic and blues scales well enough

run to the hills is achievable thoe
it all depends. if you are aiming to learn it by ear or whatever then whichever one comes first
finish learning paranoid, because its easier, then go and finish run to the hills when u feel ready for it
I suggest you try paranoid, I find it easier than run to the hills...

Btw first post!!!