Well by now everyone knows about skull candy headphones. What are your opinions on them? i just bought the skullcrushers and i couldnt be happier with them, although i heard the battery dies fast.
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Apparently I'm out of the loop.

Never heard of 'em.

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i was looking into them like last year and i was gonna buy some but i managed to forget, i would also like to hear some opionons on them before i decide to buy them again.
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Apparently I'm out of the loop.

Never heard of 'em.

Me neither.
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i bought a skullcandy mp3 player when they first came out. It didn't hold very much and the off button broke so to turn it off i had to take out the batteries. But then it got stolen and my parents bought me a way better mp3... but to answer your question, it's a fine product until you have to call support. Just imagine some fat guy in his basement with a beer can hat on typing on a computer. THAT's what they have to answer your questions.
Iv owned 3 different types - ALL GARBAGE!!! In ear, and 2 DJ Style - horrible sound. They are built for trendy high school kids to wear around class but they really suck when it comes to sound.


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i got whatever the earphones are called. i ran out of usable rubber coverings, so i emailed asking if there was a way to get a new set.

after a year and a half, i still haven't gotten a reply. lazy bastards.
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how bout ultimate-ears? they're amazing IMO.
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Pics of said "Skull Candy"

Knowing UG I thought this was going to be a thread with something too do with Skull Fucking.
I have the Smokin' Buds. I'm on my second pair- on the first pair, the left earpiece went out, and the same thing happened to this. I can mail it in though and get another set. The sound quality is good, but the headphones themselves are cheap. When my third set arrives I'm sure I'll be out to get another.
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ive seen these in seen these in staples several times. as far as i can tell they just look cool.
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pics or it didn't happen. wth are these? Earbuds? What makes them special?
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I tried the buds, I didn't like them at all. They fall apart easily and the sound quality wasn't too good.

My friend had the one of the over ear sets and I really liked the sound quality, but these phones are built around looks. Their are much better headphones on the market for the price.

Magicedit: The models I tried were the Smokin Buds and the Lowrider
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