Hey guys,

Can't find the tab for this song anywhere, well not unless I want to buy Guitar pro or powertab or something. I realise it's due to legal issues or something. Hasn't anyone got a decent tab of it anywhere? Even UG let me down, and it doesn't ever usually do that

Chris Impellitteri - Somewhere over the Rainbow

I do, I have it

don't really now where I got it from thought...

But eeuh, I'll take a damn look around
I recommend downloading Powertabs as it is free... no buying there... and you'll get much nicer tabs as those nasty text ones. Guitar Pro will give you even a much better look and you'll waste less ink and paper. Plus you can sit behind your computer and play with the music.

Other than that, Here it is Cheers
ASCII Somewhere over the rainbow.txt
it sounds really gay on guitar pro and it misses out loads of bits...why? i've got guitar pro 5 aswell....also it says i can only save 24 bars..it's like 101...whats happening can someone help me or post a different version please because i really need to learn this song...im new aswell..to guitar in general so can it be a simple as possible in instructions but with all the cool bits please..thanx