Me and my friend are planning on doing some acoustic gigs but my guitar isn't acoustic electric and i was wondering if its better to get a soundhole pickup or a permanent pickup. does getting a permanent pickup change my guitars tone at all because if it does i'd rather get a soundhole pickup.
fishman pickups are great. all of them are good... what type of music do you play? that also has 2 do with what pickup you get...
adding an undersaddle piezo pickup can slightly change the sound of your guitar since you're adding something else between the saddle and the soundboard, but it's usually not very noticeable.

what kind of sound system or amp are you going to be playing through? what kind of music do you play?
Is it time to start working on a sticky for this?

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I play music ranging from coheed and cambria to brand new to guns n' roses. Also any suggestions and what kind of amp I should get for it.
i'm not familiar with brand new... but for music like c&c and gnr... i'd just go with a magnetic soundhole pickup honestly. they are way cheaper. any idiot can install one. you can take it in and out as needed and use it on several guitars. and if you're going to go with a soundhole pickup, just use your electric guitar amp.