What is your favorite food ?

Mine is beans.

Just kidding !

Mine is bagels

Just kidding again !

I am The Great Cornholio !
I need T.P. for my bunghole !
Uhmm... Buffalo/Barbecue/Honey Mustard Chicken pizza (Called the Gold Fever Chicken Pizza in my local restaurant). Very delicious.
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Steak and ale pie. Either Murphy's or Guinness (I don't actually know if either of those are ales; I just know the dish as a steak and ale pie.)
Dead Babies.....

Just Kidding

Maybe a good ol Beef Dip and oju(sp?) sauce
^This post was probably sarcastic


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any stir fry with cooked vegetables slightly burnt too!!
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Honestly...Quesadillas with cheese, beef and chicken fajita inside, dipped in either Chile Con Queso, Beans or BOTH!
Rigatoni con le zucchine e spaghetti
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All chicken.
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Almost anything Italian. Lasangna, Meatballs with Marinara, Fetuccini Afredo, Sachetti and cream sauce, Penne Aribiata etc...

I could go on. Sooooooooooo tasty.
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When I saw that commercial i went to Wendy's for lunch the next day. Was I disappointed.

My mom used to make this oven orange chicken, really nothing like the chinese food. It was really good but my dad never liked it so i haven't had it in years . . . i just hope she makes it again before i graduate and all that. Other than that, any burger is good enough for me. Not to picky on food.
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Burgers FOR THE WIN!

that looks so gross.

I won't lie to you, I love cheese. Heyyy cheese! Pepperjack

But as a meal, I'm all about Middle Eastern food. Grapeleaves, yogurt sauce, tabouli, hey ya.
either chicken, fruit or banana milkshake made with soy milk and toast
Lentil soup

Tomato soup

Vegetarian soup w/ udon noodles

Fried Tofu with stir fry vegetables

EDIT: hummus and pita
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Wise words Trashfan.

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It's not going to be that great. Although particle physics does give me a hadron.
i love too much food for me to pick just one. so ill say that i like beef, and all its derivations/variants, but only if its done right.

and does beer count? cuz thats my fave beverage, with coke being a close second.
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Either fish sticks/breaded fish or clam chowder.
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Taco Bell.
Anything from Taco Bell.
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Anything that is part of the rodent family

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If that is the case then the next time I see one of those little rodents scurry by I will cover it with fire sauce and eat it. I love Taco Bell.
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