Two things on effects and gear..
So like, first,
How do you run two amps at the same time on one guitar?
What do you use for it?

Can you just program a Multi-Processor the effects of a song so you don't have to move around with your feet as your playing?
http://www.zzounds.com/cat--AB-Selectors--2604 <--- to answer your first question. Unless you're talking about using them at the same time, in which case you'd need some sort of splitter... (Someone else will have to help out there. )

Edit: Scratch that, sorry didn't read the post correctly. Yeah there should be a switch you can look for that'd allow them both to run at the same time/split guitar signal to each. I'll search around if no one else comes along.
1. I use a stereo delay pedal, my Boss DD-6, which has two outputs. Or you could use an A/B/Y box I think.

2. You can assign the various effects needed in the song to various patches, and switch between them with your feet. I don't think you can set one to change patch automatically though.
1) I think some AB/Y boxes can run both at once.

2) No, but you can get someone to do it for you.
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1. Yes, robert keeley's framptone is supposedly the best a/b/y pedal out there.

2. Yes, larger effects processors have memory so you can save presets for songs in it. Or you could just get a rack..
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