Hi all, I've formed my own band that consists of me for now. I've recorded a song that I wrote with some help from a friend. I'd like anyone to listen to it and tell me what you think. The genre that I think it is, is rock.

-on this song I did the vocals. I Haven't really sung before so this is about my first time singing something. Don't really pay attention to the vocals if you think they sound bad. My personal opinion is that I sound like a punk rock singer.

-This is not a professional recording. I took about 2 and half weeks to record all the parts directly through a MultiFX pedal that I bought and got all the sound on my computer with some software that it came with. I didn't know at the time how to mic up stuff so I'll probably redo this song in the near future when I'll have a complete band and some better recording techniques.

All comments are welcome except for ones that say I really suck and that I should burn in Heck. I really need someone else's opinion on this song. My parents can only tell me that it sounds good (of course they're supposed to ). I really need input. Any techniques that you recommend are welcome.

Live long and rock hard

Here's the link to my song,
It's on this website because I can't get on Myspace enjoy

Not that great, some parts are mad off time.
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forgot to say that when i was editing the music in my program I accidentally hit something and it pushed all the tracks together so a part at lets say 3:20 was pushed over to like 1:30 where the recording of that track ended for a while. This recording is pretty much a rough draft I just need input for now.