Hey all once again.

Looking for a guitar in the 500-600 (maybe) Canadian price range.

I'm looking for possibly a HSH or a HSS config. because I am lacking in the single coil area of my guitars, but i'd still like a guitar that can use a humbucker for my heavier stuff.

I play Protest The Hero, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Moneen, Pink Floyd, and Refused type stuff.

Help please
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Despite my position as head of the A-I-M, Ibanez were the first to spring to mind here. Not many other companies do HSH configurations too often, sadly. Just on that Ibanez, watch the trem. It's probably Satan, in tremolo form.

The only other company I can think of likely to have any in your budget would be Schecter. They have some pretty good guitars in H-H with coil tapping, if you see that as an alternative to H-S-H or H-S-S.
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How do you mean "accurate"?

It definitely emulates a signle coil well, and I'd say it's a lot more versatile than a HSH or HSS setup (Middle single coils are useless IMO anyway). However if it's really crucial you nail a spot on Fender single coil tone, coil tapping might not deliver.

It just depends on the pickup in the first place I suppose, but I was seriously loving a Schecter I played for about £300. It nailed some sweet tones with the neck pickup coil tapped, and had a nice bite in the bridge; as well as having the harder sounds a H-H guitar notmally has.