Okay, I mainly play old 80's thrash and death metal like Metallica, Megadeth, Death, Morbid Angel, and Slayer. Right now I have a Randall RX120DHS (its a solid state half stack) and I want to upgrade. I'm looking for a tube amp for around $1200 that either has a really good distortion channel or a really good clean channel and I'll use pedals. Also, are tube half stacks or tube combo amps better for this price range? Thanks all.
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mesa mark IV-
wish i had the money..

That amp = The Black Album in amp form. Great tone.

For real 80's pure thrash sound though, you might wanna check out some Marshalls and a tubescreamer. Cook them valves
Well you can either spend the whole $1200 on the head, or on the combo. I wouldn't dip into those funds for a cab. Just get a real nice combo that you like and mic it or line out to the PA or a cab.

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not a fan of the black album, i like metallica early stuff... umm not spending much more then 1200 so i guess ill get a combo... should i be looking for good distorted amp or good clean amp and use pedals?
i know line 6 spiders and mg series marshalls are super unpopular..any real popular tube combo amps for around 1200?