I was just wondering if anyone had used any of the new Randall Hybrid stack amps. I'm thinking of updating from my old Ashton GA80 to the new Randall RH150G3 Hybrid. I play in drop tuning, usually drop b or c and am looking for a sorta, generic metalcore sound, kind of like Parkway Drive, I Killed the Prom Queen or As I Lay Dying.

Note, I am playing a Epiphone Les Paul w/ EMG 81's in it.

If anyone has played this amp with a set up similar, or even a totally different set up, would you mind telling me what you think of it.

Kerry Rowe
I heard a guitarist play the ibanez universe at this music expo last week thru it and it sounded f*ckn sweet! Im a bassist BUT that sounded so good especially on the low b of the universe so that just shows . Id recommend you give it a try first..
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Thanks for your reply. I've heard good things about it too but I am was just a little concerned with the whole 'hybrid' thing. Would you mind telling me what sort of style he was playing that sounded good, coz sweet blues probably wont translate into sweet hardcore ha ! Definately going to give it a try first, would never spend 1.5 K without trying it first !
I have pretty much the exact same setup as you

Randall 150-g3
Epi Les Paul custom, with 81's

The amp is quite bassy, which is why I use an E.q and noise compressor.
I'm also using pedals for the distortion, its has a quite good organic sound if you crank it , but it just gets kinda muddy/boomy.

It's the best half stack I could afford at the time, cos it was either this or a marshall MG stack (bloody tiny and sound bad).