I just heard him speek regarding "Islamo-Fascism."

He probably talked for about 45 minutes or an hour. The first 20-30 minutes was spent addressing left-wingers. Basically how they're totally stupid, hypocritical, and useless. The next 20-30 minutes was spent discussing how the Middle East is in the middle of a crisis. No crap? This was mixed in with some interesting (perhaps questionable) facts and more barbs directed at liberals.

At the end of his speech he opened his floor to questions. I'd say just about every student who spoke was either a "liberal" or a Muslim student. I'll be honest, some of the questions were clearly attempts to provoke a negative/hypocritical answer. However, many more were genuine solid questions. Horowitz's answer to AT LEAST 3/4 of the questions could essentially be summed up as "Liberals, such as yourself, are stupid. Therefore, any arguments you raise are instantly discredited and I'm right. Now sit down and shut up."

I think my favorite quote of his, in response to a question, was "Left wing radicals such as yourself can't even add two plus two to get four. How can we expect you to understand an issue like this?"

Anyone else seen him? Thoughts? General thoughts on how American politics have gone completely down the drain?

I hope our northern neighbors have room for one more.

(Hope this didn't belong in political thread .... )
Islamofacism awareness week has not yet made it to my school. but why stop at Islamofacism?

I think many neocons have gravely underestimated the danger posed by another more serious threat, ISLAMUNISTOFACISM. That's radical Islam, facism, communism, zombie nazis and evil robots aligned in a single Freedom-hating ideology.
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i think he himself is a testament to stupid uber-liberal types. i mean, this guy used to be a marxist and then became an enlightened conservative. i mean ... damn, man. i hope for the average marxist's sake he got stupider.

horowitz is a neo-con so i don't expect a great deal of intellect, but i think you're oversimplifying what he said.
Room for one more? What's that supposed to mean?
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