Title ideas: Waiting on Nothing, Transparent Roadblocks, Breakthrough, Some Uncertainty

Verse 1
Choices are left but just to me
Others help but they cant see
Where I’m going or what I’ll know
Stand up, go against the flow
Someone please just sound the bell
I’ll get up and run like hell
Where I’m going well I don’t know
I’ll figure it out, as I go

Should I stay or should I go
Confusion well I just don’t know
Trapped in my uncertainty
These unfound doubts are killin me

Verse 3
Sometimes answers seem so clear
Grab the wheel and I’ll just steer
Transparent roadblocks in my mind
Wish that I could just rewind
To a time that’s back before we now know
Watched the earth spin and watched it grow
Simplicity was so sublime
Take me back to an easier time


Got the stuff and got the tools
Why live by someone elses rules?
Break in
Break out
Break in
Break out


Just some writing I did today. The writing cogs are starting to turn in my head I can see what you guys mean about sometimes it just flows, hehe. I've got a couple title ideas I scribbled down real quick, any suggestions on that?
I think, number one, that It is a great song, the flow worked great, and the simple rhyme scheme complimented the soong perfectly. I think that you should add "Breakthrough" to the end of the bridge, and either "Breakthrough" or "Transparent Roadblocks" would work as a title. C4C? Faceless Drama in my sig.
Sounds pretty awesome! I find it easier to write a song when I flows... I wrote a song in 5 minutes one time and it was awesome yet i'm still writing on songs that are a year old!